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“We joined the Maritime Exchange to be a part of the local shipping and port community.  The exchange of ideas and the support by all of the members of the Maritime Exchange, and the experience, knowledge base, support and influence of the Maritime Exchange and its staff is invaluable.  From being kept abreast of news and issues on the Delaware River to influential help with maritime government offices and the support of our local government representatives, there is no other organization to join and be a participating member of than the Maritime Exchange.  Join today, we did.”

-- Michael Smolenksi, President & CEO, Coil-Tainer, Ltd.

The Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, a not-for-profit trade association, is dedicated to promoting and encouraging commerce on the Delaware River and Bay. Our members, comprising all facets of international trade and related businesses throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and beyond, have come together under the Exchange umbrella to address and resolve issues of mutual concern, and to share information critical to the timely movement of cargo through the ports.

Through an aggressive government affairs program and a comprehensive on-line suite of maritime information services, the Exchange ensures our members are operating in the most positive economic climate possible.

Just as in 1875, the work of the Maritime Exchange continues to significantly contribute to the economic vitality of the Delaware Valley region. Through the continued strength of the membership, we are able to positively affect change at a local and national level that protects and promotes commerce on the Delaware River and Bay…and at the same time
supports the many associated businesses which serve this industry.

Government Affairs Program

The Maritime Exchange is the only advocate that speaks on behalf of all segments of the maritime industry along the Delaware River. Whether an issue is international, national, or local in scope, if it affects the maritime industry, the Exchange ensures that the industry’s viewpoint is known. We are in an ongoing dialogue with federal, state and local governmental agencies, as well as with the tri-state federal congressional delegation. More...

Maritime On-Line®

Since 1875, the Exchange has been tracking the movements of vessels on the Delaware River and disseminating that information to its members to enhance the movement of cargo. The Exchange has expanded this role and today serves as the electronic communications hub for the Delaware River and Bay, providing a port information network of unparalleled scope in the maritime industry. More...


Through our committees, the Exchange provides a forum for members to meet, exchange ideas, and provide direction to the Exchange. Members meet directly with government officials, business partners, and even competitors to discuss port issues. Exchange members are encouraged to participate in committee activities and to lend their expertise as we tackle important topics. More...


The Exchange has been in the business of disseminating information for 130 years.  Whether it's breaking maritime news, port statistics, critical regulatory information, or just plain contact information, we are The Hub for maritime information in the Delaware Valley. More...

Phone: 215-925-2615, Fax: 215-925-3422

24/7 Operations
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