Ship Reporting Subscriptions

Access to Ship Reporting is available on a subscription basis to members of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay. Ship Reporting subscribers receive information pertaining to current, expected, and historical ship movements in the tri-state port region.

This information is provided on demand through a secure and user-friendly web interface, and updated vessel schedules are also emailed to subscribers periodically each day. You can receive information from Maritime On-Line® in the way that is most convenient for your needs.

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Ship Reporting

Your Window into Delaware River Port Activity

Steamship agents/operators, tug, barge, and launch operators, terminal operators, ship supply and repair firms, and a host of other maritime-related businesses in the Delaware Valley area depend on the ship reporting service provided by the Exchange. Since its inception, the Maritime Exchange has been steadfast in providing an accurate, dependable ship reporting service.

All commercial cargo ships and barges that transit the Delaware River, whether entering at the Delaware Bay or through the C&D Canal, are logged by the Exchange. From our locations in Cape Henlopen, Delaware and Philadelphia, the operation is maintained on a 24-hour schedule throughout the year. Through the use of VHF ship-to-shore radio, and in cooperation with the Pilots Association for the Bay & River Delaware and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Exchange communicates with all vessels transiting the Delaware River and Bay.

Estimated and actual docking schedules, tide and weather conditions, vessel particulars, and other pertinent information necessary for the optimum use of the Delaware River port facilities is reported via the system. This ship information is continually updated and immediately available to subscribers.

Included in this data is a history of each vessel's ports of call, arrival and departure times, registry, type of vessel, type of cargo, and local steamship agent. Also available from the Exchange are the physical dimensions of the ship, the names of her owners and managers, and other pertinent information to the vessel.

Ship Reporting Features

Ship Reporting has been designed to provide the port community with a secure, robust, and easily navigable web interface. It provides for detailed tracking of vessels and barges transiting the Delaware River including ships due to arrive, currently in port, or sailed, with a high level of detail pertaining to each voyage.

The Due List feature provides a quick and powerful way to track and access vessel/voyages scheduled to arrive.

Vessel Particulars

Maritime On-Line includes a comprehensive database of vessels and their specifications including IMO #, rig type, flag, call sign, vessel dimensions, owner information, and previous vessel names.


The following reports are available through the Ship Reporting. All reports can be viewed on-line, can be printed to a local or network printer, and can be downloaded in a number of file formats.

Due List: Reports a summary of vessels due to arrive in port. The report includes a date range specification

Vessel Traffic: Summarizes vessel traffic in port by the following:

    • Vessels due (next 48 hours)
    • Vessels arrived today
    • Vessels shifting
    • Vessels at anchorage
    • Vessels docked to shift
    • Vessels docked to sail
    • Vessels leaving port
    • Vessels sailed today
    • Vessels in transit only (moving through the port but not making any calls)

Daily Vessel Movement Schedule: Includes all scheduled vessel movements for a single day as specified by the user. In addition, any vessel movements that have already taken place will also be reported.

Vessel Statistics: Shows vessel arrivals corresponding or assigned to the following categories: steamship agent, in-port location, cargo, and tug company. The report includes a date range specification.

Cargo: Lists vessel arrivals based on the type of cargo carried for the month/year selected. The report is summarized by loaded and discharged cargo.

Annual: Reports annual statistics for vessel calls at each facility in the port, with a comparison to previous year's statistics. Facilities are categorized by state.

Custom Report Writer (CRW): Provides the ability to create customized reports based on user specified criteria and sorting options. Custom Reports can be saved in the user’s profile for future access and modification.

This Project was financed (in part) by a grant from the Commonwealth of PA, Department of Community and Economic Development

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